ExpertCPG Commerce Podcast

ExpertCPG Commerce Podcast

The ExpertCPG Commerce Podcast is your go-to audio resource for mastering the Amazon marketplace. Join us on a journey into the heart of e-commerce, guided by the seasoned experts at ExpertCPG Commerce, a leading Amazon marketing agency passionate about fulfilling brand visions.

Each episode is a blend of insightful conversations, actionable advice, and inspiring stories designed to empower brand builders, from seasoned founders to those just stepping into the vast world of Amazon. Whether you're a small startup or an established brand looking to expand your reach, this podcast is crafted for you.

June 19, 202446:18106.4 MB

Food Service Strategies for CPG Success, with Elohi Strategic Advisors

Dive into the complexities and opportunities of the food service industry with Stephanie Lind from...

June 12, 2024x
42:1059.9 MB

Turning Media Attention Into Retail Success

Join us as we dive into Tim Swindle’s entrepreneurial journey, from creating hit board games...

June 05, 2024x
39:1191.6 MB

Beyond Grocery: How to Thrive in CPG Markets, with Reid Edgar

Explore the journey of Reid Edgar, founder of TruNut and Spot, as he navigates the challenges and ...

May 27, 2024x
28:4266.37 MB

Navigating Amazon's Legal Maze with ESQgo

In this episode, we sit down with Mario Simonyan from ESQgo, an Amazon-centric law firm, to uncove...

May 21, 2024x
27:5164.25 MB

Mastering Amazon Margins: Fees, Strategies, and Insights

Dive into the complexities of Amazon's fee structure and learn how to optimize your margins effect...

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